Miss Diva- Mary Saikia

A moment with Miss Diva of India Universe 2018 winner Mary Saikia

Please tell us more about yourself-

Name: Mary Saikia
Father name: Rupjyoti Saikia
Mother name: Ruma Saikia..
Sister name: Japulin Saikia
Education: Completed Schooling from Happy Montessori English High School, Currently Pursuing B.com 5th semester major in Accounts from Karmeshree Hiteshwar Saikia College.
Height: 5.5Feet
DOB: 26th January 1999
Hobby: Modelling, Dancing and Acting
Address: Guwahati
Your journey in Fashion industry…

* Winner of Miss Diva of India Universe 2018.
* Kmystry Miss India 2018 1st Runners Up With Subtitle Miss Perfect Figure.
* Winner of Miss Glamorous India 2018 with subtitle Miss Popular n Miss Photogenic.
* 1st Runners up of Miss Guwahati 2017 with Subtitle best personality , 2nd Runners of
   Up of Miss Bohagi 2017, With Subtitle Miss Catwalk              
* Miss Talented 8th Miss India Northeast 2017
* Winner of Face of Darpan 2016,
* Miss Confident Subtitle Winner of Miss Comunica 2016

Please tell us about your career: I had always believed that nothing is impossible to achieve in life. If god had given us the power to imagine things to be happen they can be turned to reality. I had joined modeling n dance classes after my metric exam. i was completely new to Fashion Industry caring a dream on my eyes to achieve success in this field. I did continues hard Work to make my place in this industry from 2015.than finally after winning many beauty pageants in Guwahati I got the chance to represent my state Assam in the National Platform were I was the Winner for 2 times 1st Runners Up of  Kmystry Miss India 2018 and Winner of Miss Diva of India Universe 2018 Organized by Virus Films & Entertainment. After being crowned as Miss Diva of India Universe my life had completely changed from a College n Struggling model to an Inspiration for many girls over there..This is something I feel very Happy about. Whatever I am today it is because my parents were there to hold my hand my sis and my friends when I needed them . Love and Blessings are so important in life I had learned through my struggles and  Most important is Being blessed by your parents in which field you are going is more important..”Future Planning- Wants to move in Bollywood  Industry..Make my place over their n Shine ...although I love acting so I wants to show my acting skills in Bollywood. I am also a Professional Hip Hop Dancer .
Any message for girl: My message to all the girls will be - Believe on your Dreams we all have different quality inside us  know your positive sides which can be only done by you not someone else .Beauty Lies on Heart. Forgiveness but being a lady you have to be strong enough to fulfill your Dreams.
Who is you your favourite Poet ,favourite Singer,favourite Actor/Actress?
Poet-William Shakespeare, Favorite singer - Zubeen Garg, Sunidhi chauhan, Taylor swift, Avril lavigne, Shreya ghoshal, Favorite actor female - Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , Deepika Padukone, Male- Salman Khan..
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MONOR NIJANOT: We wish you the best of luck and may you be winner every time in life. Wishing you strength to face every problem, joy and happiness to enjoy your wonderful life, love to make life beautiful, talent to make life good and worth living, and a very happy life. Best of luck my Mary.

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